Updated way of working at Smallicombe Farm due to current pandemic

At Smallicombe Farm we strive to ensure our guests have a relaxing, enjoyable and safe holiday. As such we have had to adapt a few activities and facilities at the farm so that we can operate safely during this pandemic. I have tried to summarize all the changes and additional advice for your holiday in one place, there is a substantial amount of information so please read to the end! This page is fluid, as with the government advice!, so please read again just before your stay with us.

We would like to remind guests of the rule of 6. Our individual properties do not sleep more than 6 but please be aware it is now illegal to socialize in groups more than 6. We will therefore not be accepting bookings for multiple properties to groups of individuals if the overall number of people exceed 6.   Please bear this in mind when using our facilities, in addition animal feeding will be limited to just 5 individuals plus the farmer so that we do not exceed these limits.

Revised Check in Procedures
  • Your cottage will be ready from 5pm, this will give us time to air the cottages and thoroughly clean in accordance to the new Government regulations.
  • On arrival your cottage will be unlocked with the keys on the welcome tray
    • However we would still love to welcome you to the farm so please ring the bell by the stone pig
  • There should be parking opposite your cottage, nose to the path.
    • If all spaces have been taken please drive up into the yard.
  • The Welcome tray will have homemade cakes or biscuits, tea, coffee, sugar and bottle of locally made apple juice. There will also be a pint of milk in the fridge.
  • We will also supply you with a Smallicombe Farm tea towel and toilet roll
    • Please take both the tea towel and part used toilet rolls home with you.
  • There will also be a dish cloth, pan brush, washing up liquid, anti bac soap, mini bars of soap and an anti viral spray.
    • These are to maintain cleanliness throughout your stay.
  • We do have big name supermarkets in Honiton but there are also two good local farm shops that we recommend; The Grazing Cow & Millers, where you can buy your fruit, veg and dairy products.
  • We do also sell our own rare breed sausages, bacon, lamb, and beef.
    • Please call or email if you would like to know what availability we have.
  • We do live on site so always available to answer question. If you would rather socially isolate during your stay you can contact me via WhatsApp or email.
    • My number is 07818431117 email is stay@smallicombe.com.
Change to Activities on the Farm
  • We are still planning to offer our animal feeding this season but perhaps not as interactive as previous years due to social distancing.
    • We will be offering guests specific mornings so there will only be one family a time helping out
    • We do ask that all guests should wash hands both before and after the feeding session.
    • There is a hand sanitizing stations by the toddler and the main play area for your use.
  • The large play area is now open as the government has now opened public playareas.
    • There will be a hand sanitizing station
    • We will be asking parents to supervise at all times to ensure social distancing.
    • Parents should report any contamination concerns to owners ASAP
    • Parents should not permit children to enter the play area if it is too busy.
  • In the toddler play area we have removed the sandpit and kitchen items from playhouse.
    • There is a hand sanitizing station to use before and after playing.
    • I do have a stainless steel play kitchen set that is available for your toddler. Please ensure you store in your cottage between plays to ensure no cross contamination.
  •  The Fairy trail will be open as normal.
    • There will be a disinfected laminated map by your welcome tray at the start of your stay.
  • The BBQ and pizza oven are available during your stay.
    • Only one family per evening can use them and we will clean down after use.
  • We have removed the DVDs, games and toys from the cottages.
    • If you would like to borrow any during you stay please just ring the bell and we can arrange some for you
    • This will ensure that I rotate and clean toys between guests.
  • The laundry room is available but only on request.
    • This will ensure I can fully clean between uses.
  • We will not be running the honesty shop this season but our wool products are still available for sale.
    • Please ring the bell if you would like to view our products.
At the end of your stay at Smallicombe Farm
  • Please check out of your cottage by 9am
    • You are more than welcome to stay on the farm and watch the animal feeding or go for a walk but you will not be able to go back into your cottage
    • This will mean we can air the cottages before our cleaners go in.
  • As per cleaning guidelines we are going to ask guests to strip their beds
    • Please do not remove zipped pillow case protectors or mattress protectors. We will strip and clean these between guests
    • Please place the sheets in the provided laundry bag and seal
  • Please remove all rubbish and recycling and place in the correct bins outside
    • Please remember that ALL food waste needs to go in the green/blue bins.
    • No food waste is allowed in the wheelie bins
    • Also please rinse any items in the recycling bins as you would at home.
    • Any questions about Smallicombe recycling please ask.
  • Please empty your fridge and all food cupboards and take unfinished food home or dispose of in external bins
    • Please also take part used toilet rolls home.
  • Prior to finally leaving your cottage please open all windows
    • If it is pouring with rain please only open the upstairs windows only slightly to avoid flooding the room!
Places to visit and a few things to note during your stay
  • Even without the influx of tourists supermarkets are busy and you will need to queue so I do recommended bringing essential supplies with you.
  • Not all attractions are open yet, the ones that are you definitely need to pre-book.
  • Gardens, National Trust properties and Museums have reopened but at a reduced occupancy
    • They are asking you to pre book your visit.
  • Beaches have been busy on sunny days, although there has been enough room to socially distance.
    • If you want advice on the best beach to visit please ask.
  • There are numerous lovely country walks on offer in the area so please just ask for details
Falling ill with Covid related symptoms during your stay at Smallicombe

If you display signs of the Covid-19 virus while staying at Smallicombe, you should inform us, immediately self-isolate in your cottage to minimize any risk of transmission, and request a test from the NHS, see link below

NHS Covid testing

If you are confirmed to have Covid-19, you should return home immediately.

If you or any member(s) of the party are unable to return home and need to extend their stay, you/they will be restricted to the property for 14 days.  You will then be liable for the normal tariff and the cost of any affected bookings.

Revision to booking conditions during current pandemic

If we are placed into lockdown again or have been asked to self-isolate then we would be more than happy to transfer your holiday to a mutually convenient date within 12 months of the original booking. Additional charges may apply if the price of that week is different to the original planed holiday.

If you are placed into a lockdown, need to self-isolate or diagnosed with Covod-19 then we will deal with this on a case by case basis. We do recommend you take out travel insurance.


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