Berkshire PigsThe Berkshire pig is a medium- small pig, black with white points (feet, snout and tip of tail), and prick ears. It is light boned with good meat to bone ratio.

The flesh is noted for its texture and flavour. Considered to be a first class light-weight porker up to 65Kg, the Berkshire pig suits the specialist meat trade, and is ideal ‘freezer’ pig. Although black in colour the skin is not deeply pigmented and thus it does not suffer the same discrimination as other coloured breeds in the commercial market.

When the Berkshire pig is mated with a pure white breed in crossing programmes, the progeny will be white.

Berkshire sows are heavy milkers, leading to high weaning weights and good food conversion in their progeny. The naturally strong constitution of Berkshire pigs makes them ideal for outdoor systems. The Berkshire breed is adaptable, providing ease of management, and have placid temperaments and are on ideal rare breed pig for someone starting off pigs.

The Smallicombe Herd of Berkshire pigs has a selection of bloodlines available:


  • Nama Abel
  • Freight Train
  • Peter Lad


  • Stonebow
  • Royal Lustre
  • Exelsa
  • Lady
  • Farewell

At Smallicombe we have litters of rare breed pigs every few weeks and usually a selection of young breeding stock available