British Lop PigThe British Lop pig is one of the rarest of the rare breed pigs. It is a large docile, lop eared, multi-purpose pig. The purebred being suitable for both pork and bacon production. Crossed with other breeds the resulting offspring make excellent commercial pigs that compare favourably with hybrids. The British Lop pig is also a very successful sire on other rare breed pigs producing well fleshed pigs for pork and cutter markets. The bacon we serve in the farmhouse B&B is from our British Lop pigs, once tasted never forgotten.

Major attributes of the breed

The Lop pig is extremely hardy and an excellent grazing breed. In the U.K. they can be kept outdoors all year round.

The British Lop sows are excellent mothers, being very docile and easily managed. The Lop has an enviable record of piglets born and reared.

The natural fleshing and length of the breed produces a pig that is suitable for any market.

By choosing to keep pedigree British Lops, you will be helping to conserve one of the rarest of the traditional British breeds of pigs.

Pedigree British Lop breeding stock and weaners often available for sale.

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Introduction to Pig Keeping courses are held on the farm and can be tailor made to suit the needs of the would be pig keeper.

Pigggy weekends are also available at Smallicombe where you can come and be pampered in the farmhouse B&B or relax in the  self catering accommodation. Enjoy a real farm experience with the rare breed pigs, sheep and cattle at Smallicombe without any intention of keeping them yourself. A truly relaxing rural break away from the hurley burlie of city life.