Dorset Down SheepThe Dorset Down is one of the oldest breeds of native sheep and is still monitored by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

It is renowned for producing early maturing lambs from grass alone.

It is a compact, medium sized sheep with a good depth of flesh and can be

used as a terminal sire producing quick maturing lambs.

The Dorset Down lamb has fine bones and shoulders, well fleeced with an outstanding leg and is ideal for home or export trade grading E.U.R at 2-3L.

The loin is perfectly covered with a full eye of meat and the shoulder is of particularly good flavour.


The Dorset Down fleece is one of the most highly valued British fleeces.

The wool is short and fine in texture on mature sheep while good tight wool on the lambs resists bad weather.  The Brittish Wool Marketing Board classes Dorset Down wool as one of the highest grades in the country.

We use our Dorset Down fleeces to produce quality knitting wool processed for us at the Natural fibre Company in Launceston.

We knit this up into attractive hats and scarves using graded shades from our Dorset Downs and Jacobs.

Some of our best rare fleeces were taken to Curlew weavers in Wales to be spun and woven into scarfs , throws and rungs of our own design. The cream of the Dorset Down complimented by the muted browns and greys of our Jacob and Jacob x Dorset Down fleeces produce a very attractive product.