Pig Keeping Courses in Devon

The hands on ‘Introduction to Pig Keeping’ courses as featured in the Telegraph are designed for people who would like to rear weaners for meat or for those wishing to gain more knowledge about the breeding of traditional pigs. Smallicombe produces quality breeding stock and also Rare Breed pork sold direct from the farm.

The ‘Introduction to Pig Keeping ‘ course is an ideal start for any serious prospective pig keeper. The course will cover selecting your ideal pig from the different traditional breeds and Ian digs a little deeper by introducing you to their temperaments and attributes. It is important for you to be master of the pig and not the other way round!

The course will cover housing, rearing, breeding, feeding and pig husbandry. It will also include all the legal requirements involved in keeping and moving pigs to ensure there is clear and full trace-ability.

Hands on pig keeping courses are held for small numbers throughout the year where you will join Ian on a morning with the pigs. This will be fairly informal and can be arranged for individuals or small groups where you will be able to participate and to ask questions as you go along. These can be either at weekends or mid week.

The course can be tailored to your requirements and is also available for those not really intending to keep their own pigs but would like to experience a morning with real pigs.

Accommodation is available on the farm in self catering accommodation or in en-suite B&B rooms in the Shippon or the Farmhouse to include award winning breakfasts.  Courses are not normally available during School or Bank holidays.
The cost of the course is £95 per person plus £50 for each additional person participating in the group.

The day starts at 10 am and concludes around lunchtime with tea and coffee refreshments provided.

Call Ian or Maggie on 01404 831310 to book your course.

A few facts about rare breed pigs at Smallicombe
The Smallicombe Herd has produced prizewinning breeding stock successful in Shows throughout the country for over twenty-five years.
Breeding stock from the Smallicombe Herd provide base breeding stock for many other breeders and smallholders throughout the UK and have have been exported abroad to places such as Japan, Germany, Holland, France the USA and Jersey.

Maggie is a judge for the BPA, the Lop Society and the KuneKune Society

The pigs also supply the bacon, gammon, pork and sausages used in the farmhouse and sold through several outlets locally and direct from the farm. The Smallicombe sausages have won first prize at the Smithfield Festival of Meat for two consecutive years and several times at Devon County Show.