Rescued Mallard on our pond

There’s never a dull moment at Smallicombe. A few evenings ago I went to a lovely wine bar called Osbornes, in the picturesque fishing village of Beer, for tapas and a glass of wine with friends. I was lucky enough to have a lift home and as we drove down or lane a little mallard duck jump out of the hedge.

Duck en-route to the pond…

My friend, Jen, decided that the duck was in need of a rescue so out I jumped, in the pouring rain!, to catch said duck. After a small interlude and an altercation with a patch of stinging nettles I stepped back into the car with a young female mallard duck….I must say Matt’s face was a picture when I walk in from my quiet night out with a live duck in hand. The duck was soon bedded down in its very own luxury duck house for the night.

Anyway to cut a long story short the duck survived the night and after breakfast service, to the paying guests!!, she was safely delivered to our pond. Let’s hope she doesn’t go for any more late night strolls….