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Wild East Devon Nature Reserve Charcoal

Whilst on holiday at Smallicombe Farm you can now not only taste our delicious homegrown sausages, burgers and steak but you can also cook them on our BBQ using locally sourced chemical free charcoal produced from Offwell wood.

The Wild East Devon Nature Reserve Charcoal is produced in small batches using wood harvested from their nature reserves during vital habitat management. This includes trees that are blocking footpaths, material removed from hedgerows, and any other by-products from the traditional woodland management.

Once the wood has been split and dried the team load it into their Exeter Retort. In comparison to traditional kilns, the retort is an efficient and effective way to produce exceptional quality charcoal, reducing waste and producing a cleaner and more controllable burn.

All of the wood used comes from within the East Devon District, including Offwell wood just a few miles from Smallicombe Farm, meaning it has never travelled more than thirty miles before being processed into charcoal.

Without the addition of chemicals used in many commercial charcoals, Wild East Devon charcoals, burns cleanly and evenly ensuring perfectly cooked Smallicombe Farm bangers and burgers

You can now buy this charcoal direct from Smallicombe farm along with our award winning Smallicombe sausages, lamb or beef burgers and when available you can also treat yourself to piece of our Ruby Devon Steak,

A 3kg bag of East Devon charcoal cost £9 but happy to half the bag if you are only planning one BBQ during your stay with us.

If you have a holiday booked with us, or living locally and would like to buy some charcoal and sausages please visit our online shop.

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